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I wrote a blog post explaining the installation process. Also check the wiki for more info and docs


In your config.json:

  • db:
    • url: Overrides other db config. Full MongoDB URL.
    • host
    • port
  • host: Your instance host (i.e. yourdomain.com)
  • port: Your port (i.e. 3000)
  • session: Your session key (it must be a secret string)
  • title: Instance title used in the html title tag and other headings.
  • live: Boolean (true, false) that enable/disable the live feed feature in yourdomain.com/live.
  • mailer: SMTP mail info to enable email notifications using nodemailer. Check out the options
  • team: An array of user._id to be shown as Team on Landing Page.
  • maxQueryLimit: a Number for the max amount of results at the landing page searchs.
  • googleAnalytics: the UA-XXXXXXXX-X code from Google Analytics. if not specified wont set the script.
  • facebookAppId: the Facebook App Id for share buttons. It will take first from keys.json, if not will use this one. Don't set it to not show FB share buttons.
  • prerender:
    • enabled: Boolean (true, false). Where the website would use the SEO Prerender
    • db: The Mongo URI of Cached Pages.

Running instances

Add your own Dashboard!


Please check the WIKI

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