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CollabFinder is an open source platform for gathering people with great ideas and matching them together so they can collaborate. You can try out the app on

It is made with Laravel PHP framework and Inertia + Vue. CollabFinder is completely free with no plans whatsoever to go commercial.

Attention: Collaborators needed

Currently, we would like to find a designer who would contribute a new logo and brand new look and identity.

Features Roadmap

  • [ ] new logo and design
  • [ ] public project listing - allow guests to see project if OP decides to make it public
  • [ ] full text search
  • [ ] Twitter profile which automatically shares new project on Twitter
  • [x] my projects page
  • [x] custom rules/settings for email notifications so you don't miss out on projects based on a tag or needed role
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Repository updated

30.04.2024 14:37 ~ loleg


Event started

Update to Deployer 7 (@IvanBernatovic)

Implement deleting projects and a new nav link (@IvanBernatovic)

Fix composer binary path (@IvanBernatovic)

Fix deployment script (@IvanBernatovic)

Merge pull request #3 from IvanBernatovic/redesign-branch

Redesign branch (@IvanBernatovic)

Improve empty state for my projects page (@IvanBernatovic)

Implement responsive design (@IvanBernatovic)

Implement social sharing menu (@IvanBernatovic)

Add missing validation on register (@IvanBernatovic)

Add validation errors to forms and improve auth UX (@IvanBernatovic)

Disable email verification on non production environments (@IvanBernatovic)

Fixed a bug with applying (@IvanBernatovic)

Support B2 as a separate disk (@IvanBernatovic)

Add more action notifications (@IvanBernatovic)

Implemented new settings page and dropdown (@IvanBernatovic)

Implement My Projects page (@IvanBernatovic)

Implement creating and updating projects (@IvanBernatovic)

Implement saving projects (@IvanBernatovic)

Update deps and implement applying for project with file upload (@IvanBernatovic)

First redesign of projects page (@IvanBernatovic)


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