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All in Banking

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Event finished

29.10.2023 16:00

Finalised bank-dating (@NoelMarjanovic)

sandbox (@benjaminbach)

add mock value (@probsty)

fix db (@benjaminbach)

added first filter matching methods in bank-dating (@NoelMarjanovic)

adds correct data (@EsraDoerksen)

fix (@benjaminbach)

add icons (@probsty)

fix (@benjaminbach)

user (@benjaminbach)

lib (@benjaminbach)

add dev portal frontend (@probsty)

fix (@benjaminbach)

iframe (@benjaminbach)

adds generated files (@EsraDoerksen)

adds js file to index.html (@EsraDoerksen)

adds script (@EsraDoerksen)

authentificatioN (@probsty)

adds correct wording (@EsraDoerksen)

add design (@probsty)

adds correct filter for regular expenses (@EsraDoerksen)

adds landing page (@EsraDoerksen)

Implemented data service in bank-dating (@NoelMarjanovic)

adds styling and last routing (@EsraDoerksen)

adds routing and styling (@EsraDoerksen)

full screen (@benjaminbach)

more (@benjaminbach)

adds dataService and passes data (@EsraDoerksen)

Merge branch 'feature/bank-frontend' (@probsty)

Event started

28.10.2023 09:00
BaselHack 2023