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29.10.2023 16:00

Update README.md (@joelmoliveira)

Initial commit

Initial commit

Co-Authored-By: Joel Olivera [email protected] (@AlphaLossangoyiNanga2)

Update README.md (@joelmoliveira)

Delete package-lock.json (@joelmoliveira)

Delete package.json (@joelmoliveira)

Delete phpunit.xml (@joelmoliveira)

Delete postcss.config.js (@joelmoliveira)

Delete tailwind.config.js (@joelmoliveira)

Delete vite.config.js (@joelmoliveira)

Delete composer.lock (@joelmoliveira)

Delete composer.json (@joelmoliveira)

Delete artisan (@joelmoliveira)

Delete .gitattributes (@joelmoliveira)

Delete .editorconfig (@joelmoliveira)

Delete .env.example (@joelmoliveira)

Delete tests directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete storage directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete routes directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete resources directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete public directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete database directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete config directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete app directory (@joelmoliveira)

Delete bootstrap directory (@joelmoliveira)

Event started

28.10.2023 09:00

Install Jetstream (@RhysLees)

Set up a fresh Laravel app (@RhysLees)

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