Web Diggers

BaselHack 2023

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Web Diggers

A BaselHack 2023 project.



With make build you can ensure everything is installed and there are no errors.


Type make run to start up the frontend and backend.

See server/README and webapp/README for more details.


See CONTRIBUTE for tips on adding data.

Run make refresh to update the JSON file in the data folder.



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Event finished

29.10.2023 16:00

Added qr (@benhendriks)

Local data cache

Update data (@SijmenHuizenga)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:SijmenHuizenga/web-diggers (@benhendriks)

Added Song title (@benhendriks)

Fix buttons to pre-load images (@SijmenHuizenga)

Brought back clippy and the welcome page (@benhendriks)

Fix compiling (@SijmenHuizenga)

Removed merge conflicts (@benhendriks)

Added see you page (@benhendriks)

Clippy popup larger (@SijmenHuizenga)

Add clippy (@SijmenHuizenga)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:SijmenHuizenga/web-diggers (@SijmenHuizenga)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:SijmenHuizenga/web-diggers (@benhendriks)

Removed h1 (@benhendriks)

Welcome page (@SijmenHuizenga)

Data update

Added mp4 (@benhendriks)

Fix hidden title of fleischracegame (@SijmenHuizenga)

Serve basel.ch from web-archive locally to ensure it will load during demo (@SijmenHuizenga)

Helvetica page content (@SijmenHuizenga)

Added clippy to the public folder (@benhendriks)

Added music page (@benhendriks)

Fix broken pages (@SijmenHuizenga)

Merge pull request #1 from SijmenHuizenga/midnight-fix (@SijmenHuizenga)

Move controllers into a separate file (@DominikStefancik)

Simplify reading and sending csv (@DominikStefancik)

Add CSV endpoint (@DominikStefancik)

Data update

Data updatet

Data update

Helvetica cool page (@SijmenHuizenga)

JPG playback


Event started

28.10.2023 09:00
BaselHack 2023