Endless Hunger


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There are times in your life, when you are hungry. Unfortunately, you are not able to cook something, because your fridge is empty.

Time to head to the nearest grocery store...


Technical Details (Management Summary)

  • Frontend in plain old HTML and jQuery
  • Backend in Python with Flask

How to run

We have Github actions deploying our code to DigitalOcean. You can access the project at:


This code was created during HackBasel 2023

Team Members

  • Daniel Dienemann
  • Fabien Inderwildi
  • Gabriele Mangione
  • David Pires
  • Tim Sehburger
  • Marcel Vögeli
  • Timo Jäger
  • Oliver Wisler
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Event finished

29.10.2023 16:00

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Event started

28.10.2023 09:00
BaselHack 2023