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Create T3 App

This is a T3 Stack project bootstrapped with create-t3-app.

What's next? How do I make an app with this?

We try to keep this project as simple as possible, so you can start with just the scaffolding we set up for you, and add additional things later when they become necessary.

If you are not familiar with the different technologies used in this project, please refer to the respective docs. If you still are in the wind, please join our Discord and ask for help.

Learn More

To learn more about the T3 Stack, take a look at the following resources:

You can check out the create-t3-app GitHub repository — your feedback and contributions are welcome!

How do I deploy this?

Follow our deployment guides for Vercel, Netlify and Docker for more information.

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Event finished

29.10.2023 16:00

[pitch] Add Slides (@emustafa96)

[pitch] Add webapp system overview (@emustafa96)

[pitch] Add overview drawing (@emustafa96)

[recom] Add algorithm (@emustafa96)

Merge pull request #3 from jonasschultheiss/emustafa/recom

Emustafa/recom (@emustafa96)

[recom-data] Add generated data (@emustafa96)

Merge pull request #1 from jonasschultheiss/emustafa/hardware

Emustafa/hardware (@emustafa96)

[hardware] Add the Altium files and pdf exports (@emustafa96)

update schema to generate emotions (@emustafa96)

idk (@jonasschultheiss)

feat: typography (@jonasschultheiss)

feat: many things (@jonasschultheiss)

fix: 2x pics (@jonasschultheiss)

fix: fixes build (@jonasschultheiss)

feat: createt initial view (@jonasschultheiss)

feat: added mood data (@jonasschultheiss)

[Data] Generate data with Mockaroo API (@emustafa96)

chore: gg (@jonasschultheiss)

chore: added auth (@jonasschultheiss)

[hardware] Add ESP8266 Driver (@emustafa96)

chore: added db (@jonasschultheiss)

init: initial commit (@jonasschultheiss)

Event started

28.10.2023 09:00
BaselHack 2023